Term Rewriting and All That


... ce livre est un "must" !

Technique et Science Informatiques, Vol. 17, No 8, Oct. 1998.

... a welcome and important addition to the library of any researcher interested in theoretical computer science. It provides a thorough grounding in the subject in a clear style, and gives plenty of indications of further directions, including an extensive bibliography.

The Computer Journal

This is a highly welcome addition to the literature on term rewriting, and an important contribution to putting term rewriting `on the map'. It is a very readable, well written and likeable book. It should be of great value to students and researchers alike.

Journal of Functional Programming, Vol. 11, No 2, Mar. 2001.

...a well-balanced textbook presenting the subject in a unified and systematic manner.

ZBL Math.

... this book is meant both as a textbook and as a reference for researchers in the field. The daunting task of writing such a book did not faze the authors who have "pulled it off" admirably. ... The outcome is a cogent presentation of the important topics in the field in a clear and at the same time rigorous way.

SIGACT News, Vol. 31, 2000.